nanaslug (nanaslug) wrote,

New Journal

Hello, Friends! 

So the new journal is officially up and running.  We made the decision to keep this one private or "friends only."  I vacillated between public and private because I know that means not everybody who follows us here will follow us to the next journal, but we thought it was the best choice in the end.  I've sent friend adds to every LiveJournal user that I knew from this journal, as well as an email to all the friends and family whose address I had that I thought might be interested in the new journal.  It's easy and free to get a LiveJournal username, then if you leave a comment on the new journal, I can add you. 

I probably won't be updating this journal very often, which is bittersweet.  This journal was a refuge, a bridge to new and old friends, and an incredibly therapeutic process for the past three years.  I first joined LiveJournal just so I could get a username for a community, but I'll forever be grateful for that one desperate night in my living room when I decided to use this journal as it was meant to be used.  Thank you again for keeping me company on this journey. :)


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